About Us

Theory 1
Insightful strategy + purposeful design = effective communication.

We help our clients skillfully tell their story, communicate their values and connect with their core audiences via strategy, design, technology and collaboration. The results? Your mission, your brand, brought to life. Partnering with organizations and businesses to creatively meet communications needs of all kinds is our bread and butter.
Services: Marketing and Communications Strategy, Brand Development, Design, Web Development, Content Creation, Art Direction

Theory 2
Curiosity, customization and collaboration is the best way forward.

Our Discovery Phase drives results. We are motivated and inspired by our clients—their stories, their vision and their purpose. We're deeply committed to client discovery, research and collective ideation. This becomes the fuel that drives messaging, design and development. We tailor our solutions to your needs. We never take a template approach. Period. Every organization is different and our work responds to your needs, reflecting your unique mission, personality and spirit. We value collaboration with our clients. We offer an open, hands-on and accessible client experience. We purposely keep our studio small so that the creative process can thrive. For this reason, many of our client relationships become long-term partnerships.

Theory 3
Good people achieve good results.

People are what makes any organization tick. People with vision, talent, passion and work ethic. These are the kind of people we love to work with and strive to be. Our clients rely on the people of Theory One, and we take our role seriously. The Theory One Design team is patient, deliberate, methodical, efficient, focused, seasoned, and skilled.

Our team

Cheryl Burke – Design Director

Equal part visionary designer, whimsical genius, and in-the-trenches work horse, Cheryl Burke brings clients’ communications goals to life through gorgeous, custom visual solutions.

A founding partner of Theory One, Cheryl is a 25-year design veteran sought for her expertise in web and exhibit design. Cheryl’s success as a creative professional is based on her keen eye for detail and a highly attuned sensitivity to the spatial aspects of website and exhibit architecture. Prior to founding TOD, Cheryl was a Senior Designer for Cloud and Gehshan Associates in Philadelphia, specializing in environmental graphic design, and was also a Senior Designer at Main Street Design, a Cambridge-based exhibition design and planning firm. She received her BFA from the University of Michigan and her MFA in graphic design from the Rhode Island School of Design. In addition, she occasionally lectures on the design process at Massachusetts College of Art and the Rhode Island School of Design.

Alicia Pritt – Managing Partner

A gifted listener and communicator, Alicia brings organizational objectives and communications strategy into focus, producing plans that connect values with aesthetics, mission with words, people with information.

One of Theory One’s founding partners, Alicia oversees our communications and marketing consulting, art direction, business development and web design and development efforts. Alicia is an experienced strategic communications consultant with a gift for translating organizations’ missions into creative, inspiring communications campaigns. Before establishing Theory One Design Alicia served as PR Director for several nonprofit organizations and owned a graphic design business serving nonprofits. She was also a designer and art director at Ronn Campisi Design, designing publications such as Regional Review (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston), Smith Alumnae Quarterly (Smith College), Executive Circle (Microsoft), and Sightlines (Boston Ballet). Alicia received her BA in Liberal Arts and MA in Journalism from the University of Illinois. In addition, she occasionally guest lectures on issues of design and entrepreneurship.

Jon Geldert – Project Manager

With the soul of an English Lit. major and the perceptiveness of a lawyer-turned-communications-pro, Jon helps clients cut through the chatter and answer the key questions: who are you, and why does it matter?

Blending creative spark, technical know-how, and business savvy, Jon is passionate about helping clients distill their mission into words and images that resonate with the wider world. Prior to joining Theory One Design, Jon was an attorney in the business law section of the Boston firm of Goulston & Storrs. He also has a background in higher education administration, having worked at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. Jon studied at Boston College, where he earned both a BA in English and a JD. He also previously led the communications program at Old South Church in Boston, a thriving urban congregation and storied public institution. Additionally, Jon leads occasional workshops in the field of communication strategy for faith-based organizations.

Dave Sonnenberg – Chief Web Developer

Musician. Philosopher. Designer. Dave is far from your average web developer.

Dave is a seasoned Drupal architect, design professional, and art director, having led web development, identity/brand development and web architecture projects for a range of clients in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. He is an expert in CSS, HTML and PHP programming with an emphasis in the Drupal CMS environment. Dave excels at bringing creative thinking, artistic vision and communication strategy into harmony. Dave holds BA and MM degrees from Penn State and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.